My husband Roland and I have been so pleased with our entire experience with your company since day one. The quality of work that was done to build our home has been exceptional, and we are so thrilled with the way it turned out. We truly feel at home here.



    We are loving the house. You are so wonderful. I cannot express how much we enjoyed working with you. Please don’t be a stranger. Come by anytime…


    I always hear how most builders take their time in building homes and most of them can’t hit deadlines- that is not the case with Cadence. When they say the home will be done in 3 months, that is the truth!! I just feel like they are very organized and get stuff done. I’d recommend Cadence to anybody.

About Cadence

We are a Utah homegrown team with years of experience and thousands of homes under our belt. We are not a huge corporation with a lot of bureaucracy and red tape so we are able to give your home the attention it deserves. We take pride in the one on one attention we give each of our home buyers and our team is ready to make your dream a colorful reality!

Why Cadence

We take a lot of pride in what we do. We don't cut corners and we promise to make your experience as simple and enjoyable as possible. We value quality, customer service, true craftsman focus, fully customizable plans, anti-brown stucco box, energy efficient committed, premium home features, comprehensive design center, and fresh new designs.


We're not a huge corporation with a lot of bureaucracy and red tape so we are able to give your home the attention it deserves. We take pride in the one on one attention we give each of our home buyers and our team is ready to make your dream a colorful reality.

9 Steps Build Process

Your roadmap to buying a Cadence Home

  • 1
    The Customizable Solution

    Cadence Homes is the perfect blend of production vs. custom. We allow you a lot of latitude in making structural changes and selecting unique options, while at the same time not requiring you to go through the construction loan process or deal with cost plus pricing that keeps you in the dark on exactly what you are paying for your home. To pull this off it takes a unique partnership with a clear set of expectations.

  • 2
    Select a Home Style & Locations

    Your Cadence Home Sales Associate will help you find the perfect home style with the perfect home plan - just for you in one of our many communities.

  • 3
    Sign an Offer, Including Earnest Money

    To secure your new home, you will be invited to make a $3,000 deposit, and sign a real estate purchase contract provided by your Cadence Homes representative. This is fully refundable if you decide to back out, but it gives you peace-of-mind that the home is legally on its way to becoming yours.

  • 4
    Get Pre-Qualified with an Approved Lender

    Once you have submitted your offer, contact Danielle Young at 801-205-0821. She will send a pre-qualification letter to your Cadence Homes representative within a few days of your application. This will start the process of getting your new home financed with a great interest rate. If you are already pre-qualified with another lender, that's fine, but at least let our approved lender see if they can get you a better rate with our in-house financing program.

  • 5
    Custom Fit Your Home

    One of the unique qualities about Cadence Homes is we allow you to Custom Fit your new Cadence Home. You will work with your Cadence Homes Sales Associate and our in-house draftsman to custom design the structural side of your new home. We encourage you to be thoughtful during this process so we can get it just right. After you sign off on the structure of your home an additional $2,500 non-refundable (but applicable) deposit will be collected. IF additional changes are allowed after this point they will incur a minimum $1,000 structural change order fee.

  • 6
    Attend Your Design Center Appointment

    This is where you get to customize your home by selecting flooring, cabinets, counter-tops, and colors for your new home. We encourage you to come prepared with a good idea of the style of home your are interested in so our professional design consultants can make this process as smooth as possible. Your design appointment can be completed in one 5-hour appointment, in some instances a follow up appointment is necessary. In the event you require more than 2 appointments you will be assessed an additional $500 per design appointment.

  • 7
    Hold a Pre-Construction Meeting

    After being pre-qualified by your approved lender, you will be asked to submit a 5%-10% construction deposit. This money + the $3,000 earnest money and the $2,500 structural sign off fee will go toward the down payment of your new home. This is where the real fun begins! After choosing your flooring, cabinets, and counter-tops, we will hold a pre-construction meeting so that we are all on the same page as we begin to build your home. Any changes allowed after the pre-construction meeting will incur a minimum $250 change order fee.

  • 8
    Sit Back and Relax While We Build Your New Home/4-Way Walk Through

    Cadence Homes will now make your new home a reality. We will do what we do best - create the highest quality home tailor-made just for you. Remember we are building your home by hand, on site, NOT in a factory with robots. Issues WILL arise, please allow us time to address issues with our team. Our employees work normal business hours just like you and it will be tempting to call or text after hours with what you may see as an emergency. Please be considerate of their time, chances are we are already aware of the issue. When your new home is framed and prior to your drywall, we will do our on-site walkthrough of your home to make sure all is on track.

  • 9
    Hold a Final Walk-Through, Close Your New Home, and Move In

    Your new home is 99% complete! Together we will walk through, open and shut doors & windows, turn switches on & off, and teach you how to operate and care for your new home. After your home has funded and recorded at the county, we will hand you the keys to your brand new home!